"Ain’t U Got No Manners is not only a complete guide to behaving with grace and charm online, it’s also entertaining and funny. The book provides extensive information on presenting your best self online. The writing is light, crisp and easy-to-read, and the many sidebars, symbols, stories, and takeaway points after each chapter ensure easy comprehension, even for readers with online attention spans...Put simply, Aint U Got No Manners is a must read for the Internet age: a book as enjoyable as it is informative. The book should be part of every school’s curriculum. If you take away nothing more than #think (before you…), then it will be worth the price of the book.​"--Magdalena Ball,, author of Unmaking Atoms

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"This book is chock-full of excellent advice and good psychology. It is written in the language of its target audience: people who are part-human, part-internet cyborgs, although they may not realize it.

The information is well organized and presented, with lots of examples, appropriate evidence, and considerable humor.


However, it will be foreign country to anyone not familiar with media and film stars, and prominent internet personalities.


Kristin has done an enormous amount of research on this project, providing evidence for all of her claims. She has interviewed people; in fact, a couple of interviews with women who had been harassed online are the most touching parts of the book.


Technically, the writing is excellent, but I found the need to read many sentences twice, because they were overly long, with too much information in them.


However, the content more than makes up for it. I hope this book is widely read, and succeeds in its aim of improving internet culture.'--Dr. Bob Rich, author of From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide


This is so timely for today's society! Well written and a "Must have" for everyone to brush up on etiquette tips for todays technology, as well as real life situations! Loved it!--Allison Lenore Annalora, Author, Late Blooming: My Gender Journey



Ms. Johnson addressed so many issues people don't think about when they use the internet. Every young person who uses a computer, a phone or other electronic device needs to read this- especially if they are going out to find employment. HR people will look on-line for anything a prospective employee might post. Maybe this book will do something to clean up the language of others. I'm not unused to foul language- but it is offensive to see it constantly bombarding one when on the net. Thank you Kristin Johnson for your thorough and thoughtful insight to a more friendly approach to internet usage.--Judith Fabris, author of Money...Cool! and Sargent's Lady


I bought ten copies. Gave away nine. Perhaps in some small way I could seed and propagate the profound value contained in each page for others. How compelling when we pick up a book and find such useful wisdom and advice, the enormous benefits this author has given us in what must have been countless hours of dedication and research. Inspiring is that selfless sacrifice, that purity of intent. Fearless in seeking to combat the coarsening of our communication digitally, fierce like a mother wanting to protect the innocent, trusting user in the dangers digital communication can entail for any of us. Reaching out to each of us to pull from within us the best in how we connect digitally, communicating with a graciousness and dignity (and often with wit and humor), uplifting what defines, even shapes our culture through how we speak to one another. Even giving a common foundation for communication cross-culturally (while mindful of cultural differences). I think of whoever stumbled upon that 700 lb stone containing emeralds in Brazil, what they must have thought. Was this rare find recognized? Marveled at its exceptional beauty? Did they even think of how many could be benefited by their find? if put to good use. I feel this about this book. I marvel at the beauty in the way the words were crafted together in a manner not unlike how those emeralds must have sparkled brilliantly in that 700+ lb stone. A rarity, this gem of a book, containing such riches within its pages, to benefit so many if put to good use. And that depends on each of us.--Paulette W. Smith (Amazon Review)

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