March Madness Internet Edition Round 2

If the weirdest "where are your manners" moments we've seen on the Internet, a.k.a. the ones that elicited the most social media uproar, became Sweet 16 NCAA Basketball teams, what would such a bracket look like? We're only going to do eight here. We picked them in the last post.

First, let's recap the teams courtesy of Ranker.com.

1. Pepsi's "Lady Doritos" Announcement

2. SnapChat Mocks Rihanna as a Victim of Domestic Violence with "Slap Rihanna" Ad

3. Dodge RAM Quotes Martin Luther King Jr...To Sell Trucks

4. A New York Times Editor Satirically Used a Browser Extension that Changes "Millennials" to "Snake People"

And because Ranker could only come up with four...

5. Restaurant Shut Down After Thawing Chicken Photos Go Viral

6. Instagram: Baby With Self Tanner After Breastfeeding

7. Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets his Private Phone Number...

8. Instagram Shows When You're Online

But the feature is easy to disable.

Let's look at the bracket, courtesy of PrintYourBrackets.com:

So who wins round 1?

Based on the Bing.com searches...

#1. "Pepsi Lady Doritos"...3,310,000 VS "Snapchat Rihanna Ad"...24,200,000

WINNER: "SnapChat Rihanna Ad". That's a no-brainer. An ad being insensitive about domestic violence is bound to stir up the internet.

#2. "Dodge Ram MLK" 6,310,000 results VS "Millennials Snake People" 786,000

Winner: "Dodge Ram/MLK". A car ad quoting Martin Luther King Jr. is bound to raise some eyebrows.

#3 "Thawed Chicken Viral" VS "Self-Tanning Baby"

Winner: "Thawed Chicken Viral" because the story appeared first in the search results/

#4 "Charlie Sheen Phone Tweet" 6,170,000 Results vs "Instagram Privacy Fail"

WINNING: "Charlie Sheen Phone Tweet!"

Let's see the new bracket.

In the next blog post we'll look at the four teams, and then do the head-to-head matchup on Monday, April 1!


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