The Daily Good (not to be confused with another inspirational Web site) reported on an anti-Trump mobilizing technology called ResistBot that makes it easier for declared members of the resistance to more easily contact their elected officials.

There are all kinds of positive uses of texting--as the Millennial writer of the article, a freelance journalist needing health insurance, says, "As for Trump, he’s about to find out just how much we lazy millennials love to text." ResistBot finds your representative and helps you craft a letter with your particular issue on which you hold an anti-Trump stance--health care, energy, the economy, and so on.

We agree with the author who says, "Our representatives can only do a better job addressing the needs of this country by hearing more from everyday people, not less." That goes for everyone from every political leaning, and listening to the other side goes a long way too.

Have at it, ResistBot fans. Just do it in a mannerly way and practice safe text, because ResistBot could be the next Skynet now that scientists are working on quantum computers.

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