Affirmations for Internet Blunders

You posted that cringe-worthy political humor on a work Twitter/Facebook account. Or someone posted a video of you on NeighborShame.com.

Unfortunately, these digital tracks can't be erased. They'll float around on the Internet forever. How do you recover? Will it ruin your life? this phenomenon is so great that the Syfy Channel now devotes a show to the topic, "The Internet Ruined My Life."

However, in this crisis you can find opportunities for growth and self-analysis and strength. One way is to let go of the guilt after you've made amends (more on how to do that in a future post). Good resources abound online such as Letting Go of Guilt.

The Internet is an extension of human behavior. It is a human creation. Therefore, we ate going to make the same errors in judgment as with any other creation. The key is how to recover, even when our mistakes are so public and permanent. View the mistakes as a learning experience. Easier said than done!

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