Trolling For Good Manners on Conservative Tribune

The Web site Conservative Tribune recently ran a story about Chelsea Clinton criticizing President Trump on Twitter and getting a pointed reply from Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Chelsea's father, former President Bill Clinton, of rape.

We won't litigate the Twitter battle, but instead focus on Conservative Tribune, where you might expect to find anti-Clinton vitriol. Indeed, the comments section erupted, with some slamming President Trump and many others attacking the Clintons.

A commenter spoke up with some refreshing Internet manners: "Based on all these posts, I'm sure I will get some feedback on mine, but before you go off on me, just remember.....we all have Mothers and Fathers. Put yourself in her place. You can blast her all you want for making such a stupid comment against our President, who I support and defend immensely, but I just believe that her parents should be off limits. This is coming from someone who needs to quell my anger towards others as well on facebook." (Emphasis added)

To the commenter: #UGotManners.

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