4 Reasons to hit the #Think Button

It's a busy week online:

  1. women posting pictures with the hashtag #DressLikeaWoman,

  2. Twitter censoring a controversial cartoon about hijabs

  3. US Senator Tim Scott reading tweets attacking his support of US Attorney general Jeff Sessions

And that's just for openers.

When you are responding to Tim Scott, #DressLikeaWoman, or the cartoon about hijabs, Camille Styles offers four things to #Think about before you speak (or tweet or post.) Think of them as operating instructions.

  1. Is It Truthful? "[W]e need to watch out for the half-truths, implications, and exaggerations that can easily make their way into our speech."

  2. Is It Necessary? "If there’s no good foreseeable outcome, it probably doesn’t need to be said."

  3. Is It Timely? "I’ve noticed that when I’m really listening, I’m much more likely to have the wisdom to know if I should bite my tongue and save a comment for later."

  4. Is It Kind? "And remember that sometimes the best thing we can say is nothing at all. Giving someone our undivided attention and really listening, instead of just thinking about what we’re going to say next, is the best gift we can give."

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