GIVEAWAY! AUGNM Roundup for the Week of December 5, 2016

There is no shortage of good and bad Internet behavior out there, so we're continuing our weekly feature of the highlights and misses in the digital world over the previous seven days.

First, some terminology.

UGM Tip: Something particularly good we've noticed.

"404": A 404 is "Page Not Found," so it represents a goof on the Internet.

Skull and Crossbones: Danger!

UGM Tip: GISHWHES! The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, started by Misha Collins (of the "Supernatural" TV show) seeks to unite people and support the charity Random Acts. And of course post them online to inspire fellow humans to take part.

GISHWHES 2016 is over, but find information on how to plan your own entry in the 2017 hunt at www.gishwhes.com.

You might even make a musical instrument out of lutefisk for charity.

"404": According to Steve Masters of Business2Community, corporations create plenty of "social media fails." Take the company British Gas, which encouraged its employees to tweet with their customers in a public chat using the hashtag #AskBG. Masters writes: "Using the hashtag #AskBG, the company put up a manager to take part in a chat on a day when it announced massive price hikes. He was ill-prepared, ill-experienced with Twitter and probably, by the end of his ordeal, just ill."

As well, there are many people using the hashtag #AskBG, so unless you are specifically tweeting @BritishGas, you may be confused. Tweets abound with questions that have nothing to do with a British utility company, such as "Flash or Quicksilver?"

Skull: Drug dealers using Instagram, according to a UK Guardian column by Eva Wiseman. Now, pot/cannabis/marijuana is legal in several US states, Amsterdam, and other areas, but it's still illegal at the federal level in the US and many countries have harsh drug penalties. Follow the drug dealers who are invading Instagram at your own risk.

Got your own example of a 404, Skull, or #UGM to share? Email us at kristin@augnm.com.

To avoid business social media fails, now through December 20, enter my giveaway of Carolyn Howard-Johnson's book Your Blog, Your Business.

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