VOTE for the AUGNM Roundup for the Week of November 7, 2016

There is no shortage of good and bad Internet behavior out there, so we're continuing our weekly feature of the highlights and misses in the digital world, U.S. election edition!

First, some terminology.

UGM Tip: Something particularly good we've noticed.

"404": A 404 is "Page Not Found," so it represents a goof on the Internet.

Skull and Crossbones: Danger!

In US Election parlance, we will call these:

  1. "Stronger Together/Make the Internet Great Again"

  2. Debate Gaffe

  3. October Surprise

Stronger Together/Make the Internet Great Again: Stealing the campaign slogans of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we are listing some UGM tips we've learned from an informal poll on Facebook:

  1. Discuss issues without insulting

  2. Be more willing to research information for themselves (even from bad sources)

  3. Read scholarly articles from journals

  4. Look at pictures from family and friends showing what they are doing. Keep up with their lives and ideas.

Debate Gaffe: In my informal poll, I learned people had strong opinions about wacky behavior. They didn't like:

  1. Personal insults instead of discussing the information

  2. Forwarding or posting memes without checking the accuracy of the information.

  3. Believing that "because it's on the Internet it must be true."

October Surprise: People in my poll had two choice Internet deal-breakers, all relating to words:

  1. Death threats.

  2. Demanding a poster take down a post.

In a world that is increasingly uncivil, and in the craziest election year on record, we advised hat if you are voting tomorrow, take a minute to breathe and say a civil word to someone on The Other Side. Let's let Kid President have the last word.

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