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GoFundMe campaigns are a positive way to harness the power of the Internet. Case in point: a campaign started by Jonathan Bell: "Going to the Hospital". His fundraising goal is $100,000 to pay his medical bills.

Mr. Bell writes: "There are a number of very good and not so good reasons I don't have medical insurance. I won't bore you with most of them...

I'm about to go to the hospital with a seeping wound in my left pubic region. It is likely I will be sent home with with a prescription for oral antibiotics and an ER bill I can't pay.

You might be wondering why I put such a high goal on this campaign. This has happened to me before. That time I took the antibiotics as prescribed and came back to be reevaluated three days later. At which point I was admitted to the hospital for over a month, required surgery and had an expensive wound vac on my leg for another two months.

If the oral antibiotics work, I will lower the goal. I want to be ready if they don't. Regardless, all donations in excess of my own medical bills, which I will share as they come in, I will forward on to others in my situation.

Please consider helping me out."

Mr. Bell further adds in an update: "I've been admitted to the hospital. I have no idea how long this will be, but I know it will be very expensive."

Mr. Bell and his family are close friends. He is a talented writer. Please prove #UGotManners and consider donating.

UGM (U Got Manners) Tip for writing a GoFundMe page: the description is succinct and heartbreaking. He is honest and sincere about how he will use the money.

NOV 3, 2016 UPDATE: Mr. Bell writes (as of Nov 2), "Back from surgery and feeling good. Getting some food and trying to shake the anesthesia." His fundraising meter has now reached $995--incremental progress towards his goal.

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