Dogs and Politics and the Dumbest Headline (plus UGM on Twitter)

"I love a dog, he does nothing for political reasons."--Will Rogers (Quotes)

Cats may rule and dogs drool, but you don't release a headline making fun of a dog's death the way Jezebel.com did to US VP candidate Governor Mike Pence. The headline: "An October Surprise for Mike Pence's Dog: Death".

Now, Joan Rivers may have been the queen of anti-PC behavior, saying:

However, Joan Rivers would probably not post a political headline about a dead dog. A Yorkie once saved her life.

This only proves, according to the late Sir Addison Silver Howell, that dogs should save civilization.

Of course, the Republicans can employ our furry friends in political statements too, such as "I Think My Dog's a Democrat".

However, dog lovers and animal lovers united on Twitter in defense of Mike Pence's 13-year-old beagle. Rick Waldron (@rwaldron) tweeted: "...as a 'New York liberal' I'd like to state for the record that this headline is disgusting, and @Jezebel should apologize." Waldron disdains Governor Mike Pence's running mate, Donald Trump: "Make America gross again." He also tweeted a link to an article: "Why Obamacare is a policy triumph and a political failure."

Apparently, though, we can all agree on one thing: Hate the candidate, love the dog.

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