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We've written about the mass unfriending in this divisive political climate. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg decided to stand up for Donald Trump supporter and fellow tech titan Peter Thiel by writing about encouraging political diversity at Facebook.

One self-described liberal, actor Joe McGovern, decided to go off Facebook and talk to some conservatives. Even better, he filmed his quest in a documentary called "The Other Side," presented by FIVE, Foundation for Independent Voter Education, and IVN, Independent Voter Network. From the film's Web site:

Joe McGovern graciously appears in my upcoming book, Ain't "U" Got No Manners. He has interesting insights on how we can avoid screaming at each other on social media, as well as the mass unfriending. Watch the trailer:

Check out Joe's filmmaker video diaries on his YouTube channel. Support him. Watch the movie online and donate!

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