"I unfriend you over your politics...now what?"

People are unfriending each other over politics these days. The trend first came to light with a 2015 article by Burt Constable after the Paris terror attacks, in which he used the memorable line, "And so begins what probably registers as the largest 'unfriending' week in Facebook history."

The unfriending only got worse after the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, despite the relative calm of the first debate that didn't extend to people writing on strangers' Facebook walls.

What's our official position here?

Unfriending someone may be hazardous to your health.

Katherine Marko of The Alternative Daily writes about the psychological consequences of unfriending someone, especially someone you see in real life away from Facebook: "Unfriending is like saying, ‘I don’t like you, don’t like what you have to say, and don’t want to see your stuff — goodbye.’ You’re not exactly going to be all warm and fuzzy the next time you run into each other."

So what do you do? Hash out (or hashtag out) your political differences in person? We all know that can get messy. Refuse to talk about politics? No one has quite come up with the answer.

Whatever your solution, #Think before you unfriend a colleague or friend solely because of political differences, especially if you have enjoyed a great relationship previously.

Unfortunately it's probably too late for these two:

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