Politics and Facebook

We could have started this with a headline about the 2nd presidential debate slated to occur just hours from now, but that would be clickbait--bad Internet manners, and like many forms of bad Internet manners (such as nude selfies, fight videos and outrageous tweets), guaranteed, nay, strategically chosen to get a response, according to Wired Magazine.

Instead, we will talk about random strangers posting political comments on Facebook walls. Random strangers who may be a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend, or random people who find a post you shared if your profile is not set to "private". People who love to start arguments online. See also: trolls. Such people, because of Facebook's insistence on real names and identities for users, are not anonymous DISQUS commenters.

We know people on Facebook who have a superficial "friend" (in the Facebook sense) relationship and comment on politics. However, we are talking about the equivalent of coming up to random strangers in the grocery store and making a comment about politics. Out of the blue. Admittedly, we know of instances where someone has overheard a political conversation in the checkout line and butted in. However, we all have enough common sense to avoid doing this in real life, no matter how great the temptation.

However, this is not a normal political season. You have videos of people sneaking on strangers' property to destroy yard signs supporting Donald Trump and also to express their disdain for former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. A Reddit thread claims something similar happened with a Hillary Clinton yard sign. Our UGM (You Got Manners) tip: The First Amendment either works for everybody or it doesn't. Respect private property. And respect people's Facebook walls.

If Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton can shake hands after everything, let's all try and respect each other, too.

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