Election Over, President-Elect Trump--A Survival Guide, AUGNM-Style

As observers of the Internet we noticed three key trends and reactions last night and all through the morning. 1. Digital dynamism outpacing traditional media. The Internet/AP Newswire/New York Times Online/Drudge Report were frequently ahead of the television coverage all evening and called the deciding state, Pennsylvania, for President-Elect Donald J. Trump before the major networks, including CNN, MSNBC, Russian TV, Fox News/Fox business, Bloomberg, and BBC America did. T

"I unfriend you over your politics...now what?"

People are unfriending each other over politics these days. The trend first came to light with a 2015 article by Burt Constable after the Paris terror attacks, in which he used the memorable line, "And so begins what probably registers as the largest 'unfriending' week in Facebook history." The unfriending only got worse after the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, despite the relative calm of the first debate that didn't extend to people wri

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