Tencent Lurid Video Causes Backlash

Chinese new media company Tencent, which doesn't have a single female executive, faced an Internet kung-fu attack after a video of simulated oral sex at a company function went viral. Let's see what Sonny Chiba, Chinese action star, has to say about that. #china #viral #augnm #badmanners #sex #exploitation

2017: Bad start for Teens

Four teens are now charged with a hate crime after beating up a mentally disabled man and streaming it on Facebook Live. "What's next, the roar of crowds?"--Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) All the good teens out there, who don't do criminal reprehensible stuff like this, can still get trapped by technology (just as adults can.) Kim Komando just released a list of secret sexting lingo used by teens--which probably means the teens in question have invented new terms by

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