Bridge Push/Jump and Epic Fails

Twitter is discussing the sad case of an 18-year-old arrested for pushing a 16-year-old off a bridge. Of course, cell phone video captured the entire stunt, and people on social media are reacting hair-trigger. Some with quips that are meant to be funny, some with shock and horror. We can't help but weigh in even though the teens dispute what happened. It's a sad situation: the pushed girl wants jail time for her friend. It's quick and easy, as we write in AUGNM, to weigh in

Supreme Court: Can You Hear Me Now?

Even the Supreme Court isn't immune to cell phone interruptions. The Supreme Court is a cell-phone-free zone, but today Justice Stephen Breyer's cell phone interrupted attorney Neal Katyal as he delivered an argument in the hallowed chamber. The lapse in cell phone etiquette is unusual for Breyer, who apologized promptly. We trust there will be no further incidents. No word on how newly appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch reacted. Breyer's cell phone went off during a day that inc

Sunday No Wi-Fi Zone

Ah, modern life...we have been in the #NoWifi zone... and we love the Zits Comics. #wifi #cellphone #internet #NoWifi #ZitsComic #Teenagers

The Slumpie

Today on "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly talked about our society's addiction to cell phones. If you don't like O'Reilly, head on over

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