Affirmations for Internet Blunders

You posted that cringe-worthy political humor on a work Twitter/Facebook account. Or someone posted a video of you on Unfortunately, these digital tracks can't be erased. They'll float around on the Internet forever. How do you recover? Will it ruin your life? this phenomenon is so great that the Syfy Channel now devotes a show to the topic, "The Internet Ruined My Life." However, in this crisis you can find opportunities for growth and self-analysis and st

Tencent Lurid Video Causes Backlash

Chinese new media company Tencent, which doesn't have a single female executive, faced an Internet kung-fu attack after a video of simulated oral sex at a company function went viral. Let's see what Sonny Chiba, Chinese action star, has to say about that. #china #viral #augnm #badmanners #sex #exploitation

Quotes About Internet Manners

Hat tip to “Like, love, follow, friend, and share positive content for good Netiquette.”― David Chiles “Checking in on what our kids are doing online isn't helicoptering, it's parenting.”--Galit Breen, @GalitBreen “To teach our kids what they need to know online, we have to talk to them off line.” ― Galit Breen, @GalitBreen #UGM #quotes #Twitter #augnm #tips #UGotManners #badmanners #Goodmanners #howto #advice

2017: Bad start for Teens

Four teens are now charged with a hate crime after beating up a mentally disabled man and streaming it on Facebook Live. "What's next, the roar of crowds?"--Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) All the good teens out there, who don't do criminal reprehensible stuff like this, can still get trapped by technology (just as adults can.) Kim Komando just released a list of secret sexting lingo used by teens--which probably means the teens in question have invented new terms by

AUGNM Roundup for the Week of November 28, 2016

There is no shortage of good and bad Internet behavior out there, so we're continuing our weekly feature of the highlights and misses in the digital world over the previous seven days. First, some terminology. UGM Tip: Something particularly good we've noticed. "404": A 404 is "Page Not Found," so it represents a goof on the Internet. Skull and Crossbones: Danger! UGM Tip: #GivingTuesday. It's more than a hashtag, it's a movement. offers this mission statem

Pardoning Internet Turkeys

In America, the President of the United States pardons two Thanksgiving turkeys in a ceremonial gesture of goodwill. Witness President Barack Obama pardon Tater and Tot during the 2016 White House Thanksgiving festivities. We thought that we would pardon a few social media "turkeys" before we get on to Thanksgiving dinner and we surrender our electronic devices for a few hours. 1. The "fake news" on Facebook stating that Harambe the gorilla got 15,000 votes in the US presiden

Fake Amazon Reviews, Real Angst

NOTE: This post originally appeared on October 19, 2016. Since online holiday shopping has begun in earnest, we want to do a public service and make sure you know that real people are reviewing the gifts you buy on Amazon. USA TODAY's Matt Granite says, "Amazon has many of the most competitive and aggressive Black Friday deals this year." Author Kristin Johnson here. I am an Amazon reviewer. I've also been reviewed on Amazon. I know that Amazon works on its policy constantly,

AUGNM Roundup for the Week of November 14, 2016

There is no shortage of good and bad Internet behavior out there, so we're continuing our weekly feature of the highlights and misses in the digital world. First, some terminology. UGM Tip: Something particularly good we've noticed. "404": A 404 is "Page Not Found," so it represents a goof on the Internet. Skull and Crossbones: Danger! UGM Tip: The Web site HoopLaHa, aka the good news Web site, launched a new Web series called "The Passion project," and the series premiere ep

Eight Rules for Social Media After a Hard-Fought Election

No tweeting about the election at 3 A.M.—if President-elect Donald Trump has mastered that one, so can you. No posting pictures of swastikas in support of your candidate. Say one positive thing about the other side’s winning candidate on social media. If you can’t do that, compliment the candidate’s supporters. No posting pictures or video of yourself defacing a candidate’s signs. If you think something is an offensive political comment, video, blog, photo or meme, step back

Election Over, President-Elect Trump--A Survival Guide, AUGNM-Style

As observers of the Internet we noticed three key trends and reactions last night and all through the morning. 1. Digital dynamism outpacing traditional media. The Internet/AP Newswire/New York Times Online/Drudge Report were frequently ahead of the television coverage all evening and called the deciding state, Pennsylvania, for President-Elect Donald J. Trump before the major networks, including CNN, MSNBC, Russian TV, Fox News/Fox business, Bloomberg, and BBC America did. T

INTERNET DANGERS: "Horror! Mom records murdered toddler in revenge text"

Some examples of Internet behavior go beyond even AUGNM's exhortation to #Think. As readers may know by now, this skull indicates Internet behavior that is so egregious it's poisonous. TheHorn News reports: "A woman jailed on charges she killed her toddler son sent a video of the boy’s apparently lifeless body to his father in a jealous, vengeful rage during a text-messaged argument that lasted more than two hours, cops said in a criminal complaint." Among the text messages i

Dogs and Politics and the Dumbest Headline (plus UGM on Twitter)

"I love a dog, he does nothing for political reasons."--Will Rogers (Quotes) Cats may rule and dogs drool, but you don't release a headline making fun of a dog's death the way did to US VP candidate Governor Mike Pence. The headline: "An October Surprise for Mike Pence's Dog: Death". Now, Joan Rivers may have been the queen of anti-PC behavior, saying: However, Joan Rivers would probably not post a political headline about a dead dog. A Yorkie once saved her life.

Sample Script: Practice Safe Text (Free Download)

Ever regretted a text you've sent? All of us have at one time or another. That's why I, Kristin Johnson, the primary author of the blog and forthcoming book, AIN'T "U" GOT NO MANNERS, developed a handy script I could use when someone provoked me via a text message/SMS/instant message. As a public service, I'm offering this script in a free Word file download, also one in MS Word 97-2004, and a PDF version. As humans we don't stick to these scripts in the hurly-burly of life,

Politics and Facebook

We could have started this with a headline about the 2nd presidential debate slated to occur just hours from now, but that would be clickbait--bad Internet manners, and like many forms of bad Internet manners (such as nude selfies, fight videos and outrageous tweets), guaranteed, nay, strategically chosen to get a response, according to Wired Magazine. Instead, we will talk about random strangers posting political comments on Facebook walls. Random strangers who may be a Face

"A Living Nightmare"

People who follow the Real Housewives of New Jersey or "Bravo-holics" (disclaimer: we once tweeted executive producer Andy Cohen trying to become a Bravo-holic) know that Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita have gone from frenemies to just enemies. Twitter couldn't help weighing in. Former #RHONJ cast member Amber N. Marchese apparently tweeted that Teresa Giudice was "a living nightmare owned and operated" by Andy Cohen. We have not been able to find this tweet. However, t

The Slumpie

Today on "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly talked about our society's addiction to cell phones. If you don't like O'Reilly, head on over

Creepy clown tweets…/creepy-clown-prank-prompts-9… "Hanover police were also called to several of the town's schools Tuesday for reports of clowns that the department said turned out to be unfounded. Hanover police said they believe the reports were based on anonymous social media posts about supposed clown sightings. Matthew Ferron, the superintendent of the Hanover public schools, said in an email to high school parents Tuesday that an erroneous post on Twitter ab

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