Forget #Covfefe: Read! (Updated)

When I originally posted this on May 12, I had read a piece on DailyKos, a Web site I generally distrust, by a woman named AuntieB, who described her experience as a mother who uses SNAP or food stamps. Whatever you may think about the entitlements issue, AuntieB calls attention to the human experience of getting by. You can even read the comments, although if you believe the system needs reforming and you are a conservative, you may have to fight the urge to defend yourself

Kellyanne Conway's Foot on the Couch Caused the Oscar Best Picture Blunder, and other Internet n

No, no one has accused Kellyanne Conway of masterminding the colossal Oscar mix-up heard round the world, but it's only a matter of time before the conspiracy theories grow. Let's let Kanye weigh in. Here is the offending Conway pic, taken while she attempted to capture a group photo of leaders of historically black colleges (the HSBC for all you wonks).'s Chris Cilizza mounted a defense of Conway that was all the sweeter because it came from the other side. Cilizz

Kim Komando: Fact Checker?

Digital Goddess Kim Komando fact-checks the election! Actually, one of her reporters, Mark Jones, has compiled a list of election-season Internet hoaxes. This one may have caught your eye: #Repealthe19th, a hashtag trend supposedly started by Donald Trump supporters. We know this is a divided election, but don't believe everything you read. Mark Jones writes: Now before both sides fire up their keyboards and retweet inflammatory opinions about this (which has gotten Donald Tr

Political Diversity, Grammar Shaming and Vacation Snaps on the AUGNM Roundup for the Week of October

There is no shortage of good and bad Internet behavior out there, so we're continuing our weekly feature of the highlights and misses in the digital world. First, some terminology. UGM Tip: Something particularly good we've noticed. "404": A 404 is "Page Not Found," so it represents a goof on the Internet. Skull and Crossbones: Danger! UGM: Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook expressed support for Donald Trump advocate and fellow tech titan Peter Thiel--and in a UGM move, Zuckerberg


We've written about the mass unfriending in this divisive political climate. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg decided to stand up for Donald Trump supporter and fellow tech titan Peter Thiel by writing about encouraging political diversity at Facebook. One self-described liberal, actor Joe McGovern, decided to go off Facebook and talk to some conservatives. Even better, he filmed his quest in a documentary called "The Other Side," presented by FIVE, Foundation for Independent V

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