Facebook. Twitter. Cell phones, smartphones, iPads, email.

The World Wide Web. The Internet of Things. SnapChat.

You know and use them every day.

Do you know how to use them effectively? Have you ever…

• Gotten red in the Facebook?

• Been defeated by something tweeted?

• Regretted a SnapChat decision?

• Been outmatched by Match.com?

• Worried about your Selfi e-esteem?

Is there a secret to living our increasingly wired life while not

letting it consume you so you can live your best life offl ine?

More than just another etiquette book and blog, AIN’T “U” GOT NO MANNERS is your go-to guide with secrets and common

sense for surviving and thriving in a world that increasingly

blends your online life. It will help you hit the #Think button,

and at a minimum, entertain you with a rogues’ gallery of online

mistakes. It will also call attention to the upside of online.

Kristin Johnson is a prize-winning/prize fi nalist writer, blogger,

ghostwriting/creative writing consultant, screenwriter, and editor.

A graduate of the Master of Professional Writing Program from the University of Southern California, she has published/collaborated

on six books and has ghostwritten several


E-Mail: kristin@augnm.com or kristin@kristinjohnson.net

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